2021-22 Bargaining Survey Results

Here are the results of the 2021-22 TALB Bargaining Survey

Results – Bargaining Survey 2021-22
Start: 2021-06-04 06:30:00 America/Los_Angeles
End: 2021-06-14 16:30:00 America/Los_Angeles
Turnout: 1367 (40.3%) of 3389 electors voted in this ballot.

Member Organizing Results

1) Are you willing to:
Write emails to Board of Education members?

Option Votes
Yes 970 (73.9%)
No 343 (26.1%)
Total 1367
Abstain 54 (4.0%)

2) Are you willing to:
Write emails to Executive Staff (Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents, etc.)
Option Votes
Yes 903 (69.1%)
No 403 (30.9%)
Total 1367
Abstain 61 (4.5%)

3) Are you willing to:
Attend Board of Education meetings?
Option Votes
Yes 742 (56.8%)
No 564 (43.2%)
Total 1367
Abstain 61 (4.5%)

4) Are you willing to:
Leaflet (engage) parents and community members?
Option Votes
Yes 505 (38.9%)
No 794 (61.1%)
Total 1367
Abstain 68 (5.0%)

5) Are you willing to:
Rally / Protest at Board of Education meetings?
Option Votes
Yes 766 (58.9%)
No 534 (41.1%)
Total 1367
Abstain 67 (4.9%)

6) Are you willing to:
Rally / Protest at Executive Staff’s homes?
Option Votes
Yes 207 (15.8%)
No 1099 (84.2%)
Total 1367
Abstain 61 (4.5%)

7) Are you willing to:
Rally / Protest at Board of Education members’ homes?
Option Votes
Yes 198 (15.1%)
No 1113 (84.9%)
Total 1367
Abstain 56 (4.1%)

8) Are you willing to:
Option Votes
Yes 786 (61.5%)
No 493 (38.5%)
Total 1367
Abstain 88 (6.4%)

Member Climate / Culture Results

1) How is your morale after teaching for about a year and a half during the pandemic?
Option Votes
Very High 42 (3.1%)
High 180 (13.3%)
Indifferent 329 (24.3%)
Low 480 (35.5%)
Very Low 321 (23.7%)
Total 1367
Abstain 15 (1.1%)

2) The District has promoted “self-care”. How sincere do you believe your site administrator is regarding “self-care”?
Option Votes
Very sincere 191 (14.1%)
Sincere 431 (31.8%)
Indifferent 320 (23.6%)
Not sincere at all 413 (30.5%)
Total 1367
Abstain 12 (0.9%)

3) Does your site administrator demonstrate empathy consistently?
Option Votes
Very consistent 290 (21.5%)
Consistent 395 (29.3%)
Somewhat consistent 374 (27.7%)
Not consistent at all 290 (21.5%)
Total 1367
Abstain 18 (1.3%)

4) There will be equity training provided over the summer. Do you feel you have a clear idea on what equity means?
Option Votes
Absolutely Yes 349 (25.9%)
Mostly Yes 639 (47.3%)
Mostly No 239 (17.7%)
Absolutely No 123 (9.1%)
Total 1367
Abstain 17 (1.2%)

5) Do you feel that your site administrator consistently practices equity?
Option Votes
Very consistent 206 (15.6%)
Consistent 447 (33.8%)
Somewhat consistent 390 (29.5%)
Not consistent at all 281 (21.2%)
Total 1367
Abstain 43 (3.1%)

6) The District has proposed additional staffing to support schools for the 2021-22 school year. Were you involved in those decisions?
Option Votes
Absolutely Yes 61 (4.5%)
Mostly Yes 155 (11.5%)
Mostly No 312 (23.2%)
Absolutely No 815 (60.7%)
Total 1367
Abstain 24 (1.8%)

7) The District is receiving more funding to support schools for the 2021-22 school year. Were you involved in how these funds would be spent at your site?
Option Votes
Absolutely Yes 60 (4.5%)
Mostly Yes 176 (13.1%)
Mostly No 349 (26.0%)
Absolutely No 759 (56.5%)
Total 1367
Abstain 23 (1.7%)

Pandemic Time Capsule Interest

Would you be interested in contributing to the collection of experiences and stories about teaching during a pandemic? Reflecting on what went right? What went wrong? Moreover, what could we have done differently?
Option Votes
Absolutely Yes 129 (9.9%)
Mostly Yes 309 (23.6%)
Mostly No 616 (47.1%)
Absolutely No 254 (19.4%)
Total 1367
Abstain 59 (4.3%)

Bargaining Priorities (Rank order 1-5)
1st Compensation/Salary
2nd Fringe Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, etc.)
3rd Class Size
4th Days & Hours
5th Due Process

Total 1367
Abstain 15 (1.1%)

Member Communication 
1) The Electronic Update (E-Update) will be getting a makeover during the summer. Do you receive the E-Update in your email?
Option Votes
Yes 1115 (83.8%)
No 215 (16.2%)
Total 1367
Abstain 37 (2.7%)

2) Do you read the E-Update?
Option Votes
Yes 1073 (82.0%)
No 236 (18.0%)
Total 1367
Abstain 58 (4.2%)

At the time of this writing, the State legislature and governor have not finalized a fiscal budget for 2021-22 , but should, by the end of next week. In the early fall the bargaining team will review the data (as well as thousands of individual comments) and craft a bargaining proposal to be approved by the TALB Executive Board and then the TALB Representative Council.

After that is completed, the next step is to formally “sunshine” the bargaining proposals. The term sunshine refers to the process of sending a document over to the District so that they can publicly disclose (sunshine) the negotiation interests for both TALB and LBUSD in a school board agenda. The public is given time to make comment on these proposals. This could happen in September or October. Once both parties (TALB & LBUSD) have sunshined their proposals, bargaining dates will be scheduled. Then the dance begins. Your bargaining team will need your support. We can ask for things, but if management doesn’t think we’ll turn out and organize around priorities, we will be at a disadvantage.

TALB’s Bargaining Team
Corrin Hickey, Bargaining Chair, Lakewood High School
Gerry Morrison, McBride High School
John Kane, Jordan High School
Mark Ennen, Newcomb K-8
Kevin Quinn, Los Cerritos Elementary School
Maritza Summers, Mann Elementary School
John Solomon, MacArthur Elementary School
Maria Garcia, Head Start
Sybil Baldwin, Child Development Center

CTA Introductory Disability Insurance at No Cost for Newly-Hired CTA/TALB Members

Limited Time Offer: CTA Introductory Disability Insurance at No Cost for Newly-Hired CTA /TALB Members

There’s good news about a recent enhancement to the CTA Voluntary Disability Plan for members that has enhanced the value of CTA/TALB membership for newly-hired educators.

We are proud to announce that CTA now provides newly-hired educators with 9 months of CTA Introductory Disability insurance from The Standard, at no cost, when they join CTA for the first time within 90 days of their first day of work.1

This enhancement will help our newest CTA/TALB members protect their incomes, at no cost to them, if they are unable to work due to a covered illness, injury, pregnancy, or childbirth.

Members will also have the opportunity to convert their CTA Introductory Disability insurance plan to the CTA-endorsed Voluntary Disability insurance plan without having to answer health questions, as long as they do so before the CTA Introductory Disability insurance period ends (before their 270th day of work). New members will need to contact The Standard to arrange to continue their coverage near the end or before the end of their 9-month Introductory period or to file a claim, although they can always call The Standard with any other questions they have.

While educators transferring districts are not eligible for this offer, they do still have an opportunity to enroll in CTA-endorsed Voluntary Disability Insurance without answering health questions if they apply within their first 270 days of work.

More Resources

  • The Standard’s Benefit Consultants are available to answer questions or conduct live training sessions.
    Contact information for The Standard rep for your area can be found on The Standard’s Chapter Leader Resource Center

CTA Member Benefits is also available to help you. You may contact the department by phone at 650-552-5200 or by email at memberbenefits@cta.org.


1 CTA Introductory Disability insurance available to eligible new educators starting work on or after 7/1/2020 who become CTA members for the first time within 90 days of their first day of work. Disability insurance eligibility requirements apply.

LBUSD Closure FAQs for TALB Members

LBUSD Closure
FAQ for TALB Members

What happens to my pay and benefits?
Contracted employees will continue to be compensated. There was some erroneous information circulating that pay would be only for 5 days. This is inaccurate.

Will employees and students have to make up days?
There are a few ways this could play out…
1) The State of California waives the requirement to make up instructional minutes. No need to make up days.
2) The State of California requests school districts extend the school year to make up these days.
3) ??? We are in uncharted territory given the breadth and depth of school closures throughout the State. We will be working with our local and state officials to determine what will best meet the needs of our communities.

Is it possible teachers could be asked to work from home?

It is unknown at this time. Some sites have taken it upon themselves to provide instructional materials for students. This has not been mandated by the District.

Employees should monitor their district email (lbschools.net) for communiques during school hours.

While universities and other learning institutions have turned to “online” courses, teleconferencing, google classrooms, etc. Many of our families do not have the equipment nor the Internet access to make this form of instruction an option.

This is an evolving situation.
Please check your email for updates from TALB and check back to this website at www.talb.org