Value of Membership

It makes sense to become a TALB member to receive the value and benefits that come with membership. You will receive tremendous value from being a TALB/CTA/NEA member!  

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Advocacy and Representation

TALB members receive exclusive representation on contract enforcement, salary and benefit negotiations, work conditions, and conditions of employment. You have a team of knowledgeable professionals that are dedicated to supporting and protecting your job. You have a team that regularly bargains your contract with the district on your behalf. If you have an issue with your principal, you have an advocate that will represent you to ensure your rights are maintained. If you have an issue with your classroom, you have an advocate that will work with the principal and/or district administrators to address your concerns. The ultimate value of your membership is peace of mind knowing that you are not alone.

Professional Development Support

TALB members receive access to classes, workshops, tools, resources, and opportunities for collaboration to help you become a more effective teacher and to stay professionally current in your field. You can learn better teaching practices and techniques from other colleagues. You can take workshops to learn about various cultures so that you can better reach students of certain ethnicities. You can attend conferences that will help equip you with tools and resources. You can also participate in grade level task force meetings to connect with others about common issues.

Automatic and Voluntary Benefits

TALB members receive dozens of automatic and voluntary benefits including special life, disability, auto and home insurances, discounts for travel, shopping, wellness, and entertainment, retirement and investment education, and more. You can save thousands of dollars!

As a TALB member, you have a Survivor Benefit of up to $3,000 in the event of your death. You also have a death benefit of up to $2,000 through CTA and up to $1,000 through NEA for your surviving beneficiaries. That’s a total of $6,000!


Members and their dependents are eligible to apply for many scholarships. Through the TALB Scholarship Foundation, there are three types of scholarship awards:
  • The Outstanding Student Scholarship Award is given to recognize outstanding student achievement in the areas of academics, leadership, and civic engagement. Recipients are well-rounded individuals that demonstrate a notable capacity for learning and service to others. The top 2 applicants receive $1,000 each and the remaining top 10 runner-up applicants receive $200 each.
  • The TALB Career Advancement Scholarship Award is given to recognize the value of educators pursuing higher education in order to grow one’s capacity as an effective educator. Recipients are current teachers that demonstrate a notable desire to grow as a more effective educator. The top applicant receives $1,000 and the remaining top 2 runner-up applicants receive $300 each.
  • The Future Educators Scholarship Award is given to recognize the importance of new people entering the education profession. Recipients are college students or newly hired teachers that demonstrate a notable capacity for teaching. The top applicant receives $1,000 and the remaining top 2 runner-up applicants receive $200 each.



Legal Assistance for TALB Members

Attorney Referral on Work-Related Legal Matters

The key to obtaining TALB/CTA/NEA legal services is through your professional TALB staff that can arrange for you to receive legal assistance as quickly as possible and can open to you other CTA services which may be needed to support the legal assistance you require. Your professional TALB staff will gladly discuss your questions regarding any features of the legal services program. For further information, contact the TALB office.

When authorized by TALB staff, members are entitled to free advice and consultation on work-related matters, including:

  1. Leaves
  2. Retirement
  3. Salary
  4. Suspension
  5. Criminal Charges
  6. Teaching Assignment
  7. Credential Problems
  8. Demotion or Transfer
  9. Discipline of Pupils
  10. Dismissal

In addition to advice and consultation, the TALB/CTA/NEA group legal services program provides for legal representation in certain cases. Eligibility requires TALB/CTA/NEA membership at the time of the occurrence leading to the need for legal services. Upon request, automatic legal representation coverage includes:

  1. Reduction in Force (Teacher Layoffs)
  2. Tenured Teacher Dismissals for Cause
  3. Mid-Year Probationary Dismissals and Mental Illness Suspensions
  4. Credential Reviews

Attorney Referral on Personal Legal Matters

One half-hour of free advice and consultation with a CTA group legal services attorney is provided to individual TALB/CTA/NEA members on each separate personal (non-work-related) legal matter.

The advice and consultation cover a full range of legal questions, including:

  1. Wills and Probate
  2. Domestic Matters
  3. Vehicle Code Violations
  4. Personal Injury
  5. Bankruptcy
  6. Credit Claims
  7. Change of Name
  8. Criminal Charges
  9. Consumer Protection
  10. Real Estate

If you have several different legal problems during the year, you may consult CTA’s group legal services attorney on each of the problems. You may arrange individually with the attorneys for payment of private legal services – usually at a good savings. For additional information, see the Member Benefits page under CTA/NEA Educators Employment Liability.