On the Job at LBUSD – Evaluations

Where evaluation is based on mutually agreed criteria, applied equally to all, and is fairly and appropriately utilized, it is valid.

Here is the formal/informal evaluation process:

  • Following your observation, you will receive your lesson analysis from your evaluator.
  • You will have a conference to discuss the lesson analysis.
  • You could possibly be observed several times before your interim and/or final evaluation.


Always respond to negative comments and strive to implement all the suggestions for improvement.
If you have any questions regarding the evaluation process, call the TALB office.

Under these circumstances, what does a certificated employee do if a poor evaluation is received?


Correct handling of the first conference with the principal can be crucial. Attempt to find out the reasons for the negative evaluation. It may be based on the principal’s misunderstanding of something that was observed. If that is the case, it may be cleared up right away. The specific content of evaluations is not grievable (Article XIV of the contract). Only the procedure is grievable.

If a teacher takes exception to the content of an evaluation, the first recourse is to write a comprehensive, factual response to be attached to the evaluation in his/her personnel file. Another recourse is to file a formal complaint.

Before proceeding with either, TALB members should contact a TALB staff member.

You have protections in the contract. A strict procedure must be followed.  Know your rights and the evaluation provisions. Following are some important points to know for members with evaluation problems:

  • Know the procedure. Read Article XIV of the contract.
  • As soon as anything looks unusual, such as an N or U on an observation, TALB members should contact their TALB site representative for assistance.
  • Keep a diary of all visits by evaluators. Include dates, length of visits, nature of visits, etc.
  • If a TALB members suspects that an observation or evaluation conference will include any derogatory material, less than satisfactory reports, or possible disciplinary action, the member should request a TALB representative be present at the conference.

Contact your TALB Representative for counsel and representation at evaluation/disciplinary conferences.

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