CTA Conferences

The California Teachers Association hosts statewide conferences designed to provide knowledge and skills for members as they go about the work of the Organization.

Visit the CTA Go! Website to see a schedule of upcoming conferences for California Educators.

While each conference has its own agenda and its own focus, you’ll find some similarities among the offerings: Keynote Speakers, Educational Workshops and Professional Development, Leadership Training and Extensive Networking Opportunities.

CTA/NEA Conferences scheduled for 2020-21

LGBTQ+ Issues Conference Dec. 4-6

Issues Conference – Jan. 15 – 17

Equity & Human Rights– Feb 5 – 7

Good Teacher Conference – Mar. 12-14 in Garden Grove, CA

NEA/RA – Denver, CO July 1-6

CTA Summer Institute July 25-22

If you are interested in attending a conference, check with TALB President Christine Kelly before registering to see if TALB can cover some of your registration/lodging costs. Email ckelly@talb.org.