Teacher Health & Wellness

Resources are available to help you maintain and improve your health and wellness.


 You can now get a 50% (or more) discount on a Weight Watchers program.
Take advantage of the LBUSD employee’s subsidy and get major savings! 

Weight Watchers Meetings (Includes OnlinePlus)

Monthly Pricing: $36.50
LBUSD Pays: 50%
Your Monthly Cost: $18.25

Weight Watchers for Diabetes (Includes Meetings and OnlinePlus)

Monthly Pricing: $56.06
LBUSD Pays: 67%
Your Monthly Cost: $18.25

Weight Watchers OnlinePlus (Includes digital tools only)

Special Pricing: $16.10
LBUSD Pays: 50%
Your Monthly Cost: $8.05

When signing up, use the following information:

Employer ID: 12028701
Employer Passcode: WW12028701

Employee Assistance Service for Education (EASE)

The EAP is an additional benefit and specialized program provided by Employee Assistance Service for Education (EASE), which is part of the Los Angeles County Office of Education. The EAP is available to you and your immediate family members. EASE provides professional and confidential counseling to help you with:

  • Family troubles with spouse or children
  • Emotional distress
  • On the job anxieties and stress
  • And much more!

Call EASE (800) 882-1341

Visit the EASE Website