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Tues, Sept 12 Update: Safety l Bargaining | Special Election & More

Sept 26 – Special Election Documents Available

Sept 26 @ 4:30pm – Pre-K to 12 Rep Council Meeting

Sept 27 – TALB Grievance Training 101 @ 5-6:30pm

Oct 4 @ 5pm – LBUSD Board of Education Meeting

Oct 10 @ 1:00pm – TALB Exec Board Meeting

What TALB Members Should Know About Grievances – SHORT

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  • A grievance is a complaint, claim, or dispute arising under the current contract.

    Grievances are limited to matters of interpretation or application of provisions of the Contract, except for a few provisions that are specifically excluded from the grievance procedure.

    If you need clarification on what is or is not a grievance we recommend talking to your TALB Site Representative, TALB Leadership and or Staff.