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Update, Saturday, April 17, 2021


Saturday, April 17, 2021


Good Afternoon,

Tentative Agreement Results

Results – 2021 Contract Ratification
Shall the Teachers Association of Long Beach ratify the Tentative Agreement Between LBUSD & TALB?

YES 1326 (81.1%) (Ratified)
NO 309 (18.9%)
Total 1635

Shall the Teachers Association of Long Beach ratify the Tentative Agreement Between LBUSD & TALB?
Restricted to EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATORS – CDC, Educare & Head Start

YES 109 (93.2%) (Ratified)
NO 8 (6.8%)
Total 117

It has been a challenging year and we expect 2021-22 to have many mountains to climb. United and actively engaged we can create opportunities for our students and our profession. Please consider running to be a TALB Site Representative for the 2021-22 school year.

It is now time for school sites to elect their TALB Association Representative for the next school year. The “Site Rep” is the most important position in TALB. These incredible volunteers make TALB work. They attend monthly TALB Representative Council meetings to represent the interests of TALB members at their school site. They vote to make policy and chart the direction for TALB. They are the direct conduit for important information and updates. They hold regular “Ten Minute Meetings”at school sites to get input and mobilize volunteers for important organizing efforts and campaigns.

Get involved, make a difference, serve your colleagues…run to be a TALB Site Association Representative.  

Interesting Reading


Opinion Article from The New York Times about Vaccinations in America

Safety counts. Some might not be feeling that way right now. If safety protocols are not being met they need to be reported to the COVID-19 Hotline and keep TALB in the loop.

Stay Safe / Reporting Saves Lives & Keeps Schools open for “in-person” Instruction

If the temperature machine is not working, speak up.
COVID-19 Hotline – (562) 204-6075
If students and staff are not following protocols, speak up.
COVID-19 Hotline – (562) 204-6075
If administrators/principals are not enforcing protocols, speak up.
COVID-19 Hotline – (562) 204-6075

COVID-19 Vaccines
ALL LBUSD Employees should have had an opportunity to make an appointment to get their first dose by now. We are still working with the mayor’s office to get ALL of LBUSD employees vaccinated. TALB is committed to getting access to ALL employees. If you are an employee of the LBUSD and are having difficulty, please call the TALB office at 562-426-6433.

We encourage all of our members and community members we serve to LIFT UP YOUR VOICES. Contact our Board of Education Members and Executive Staff  to let them know what you are thinking.

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