Golden Star Award Nomination

The Golden Star Award recognizes CDC/Head Start TALB members that have earned the respect and admiration of their colleagues. TALB members may submit nominations for this award by completing this form and writing a Statement of Support.

Eligibility for Nominees:

  • Must be a TALB member.
  • Must be a teacher in the Child Development Center or Head Start program.
  • Must demonstrate dedication towards their CDC/Head Start program, the children, staff and co-workers, and parents.
  • Must exhibit awareness, understanding, and respect for cultural and family diversity.
  • Receive at least (3) THREE nominations (at least two from fellow TALB members).

    Golden Star Award Nomination Form

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    Nominee's Information

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    Choose at least three (3) of the categories below (A through E) on which this nomination is based and write a statement of support under each chosen category.

    Optional Supporting Materials

    Note to Nominators:  Remember to write at least three (3) statements of support for categories A through E before submitting your nomination form.

    A nominee must receive at least three nominations (two from TALB members) in order to be considered for this award.