Attention TALB Members, Community Members, Parents and Students.

The Board of Education and Executive Staff need to hear from you
Write – CALL – Email.

To send physical, snail mail.

1515 Hughes Way
Long Beach, CA 90810

CALL + EMAIL . . . and/or FAX!

Board of Education, LBUSD please cc Executive Staff when you email the BOE

Dr. Juan Benitez, District 3 – 562-997-8240

Megan Kerr, District 1– Vice President – 562-997-8240

Erik Miller, District 2 – 562-997-8240

Douglas Otto, District 4 – Member – 562-997-8240

Diana Craighead, District 5 – 562-997-8240

Executive Staff  – LBUSD

Dr. Jill Baker,  (562) 997-8242  Fax (562) 997-8280 

Dr. Tiffany Brown, Deputy (562) 997-8465 Fax (562) 997-8282 

David Zaid, Assistant Superintendent, HRS, LBUSD – (562) 997-8258 Fax (562) 997-8300

Dr. Jay Camerino, Assistant Superintendent, High Schools, (562) 997-8115  Fax (562) 997-8286 

Dr. Christopher Lund, Assistant Superintendent, Middle Schools & K-8, (562) 997-8100  Fax (562) 997-8282 

Brian Moskovitz, Assistant Superintendent, Early Learning & Elementary Schools, (562) 997-8247 Fax (562) 997-8285

Dr. Kristi Kahl, Assistant Superintendent, OCIPD, (562) 997-8025

Chris Brown, Assistant Superintendent, Research & School Improvement Office, (562) 997-8143 

Dr. Erin Simon, Assistant Superintendent, Office of School Support Services, (562) 997-8644  Fax (562) 997-8290

Steve Rockenbach, Direct of Employee Relations & Ethics, (562) 997-8220  Fax (562) 997-8283 

Would you like your voice to be heard at the upcoming Board of Education meeting during public comments?  Here’s How:

To send a comment in to be read by the Board of Education secretary, Leticia Rodriguez, at the next school board meeting. Type up a quick comment. Read it aloud and time yourself. Your comments must be under 3 minutes (and maybe under two minutes if they cut public comment time) – that’s all the time you’ll get – once the timer goes off, Leticia will stop reading it. 

Typically there are two opportunities to address the Board of Education.
1) You can make public comment on items listed on the agenda: reopening of school, online instruction, etc.
2) You can make public comment on items that are not listed on the agenda = Budget priorities, Framework for Reconciliation in Long Beach Unified, Superintendent pay raise, Reopening of schools, Promotions, etc.

If you want your comments to be read aloud during the public session of the Board of Education meeting, send an email to

If you want your comments to be read aloud during the closed session of the Board of Education meeting, send an email to