Maintain Your Composure

Sometimes the world gets to be too much and the pressure of dealing with students can get to you.  On top of a bad day, your colleagues may rub you the wrong way that day, and then your principal might mention that you could have handled a situation in a better way. You may be tempted to lose your composure and lash out at someone.

We have all had one of those days!  But it is important that you take a moment to reflect before responding impulsively.

While it is sometimes hard to resist telling off the boss, it is unwise. Most situations will look differently after a night’s rest. Try to get away from the school situation so that it’s not always on your mind. Remember, life does not begin and end at school.

One of the least understood and most important concepts in employment is insubordination. The dictionary defines it as “unwilling to submit to authority.”

It may be difficult to acknowledge but everyone usually has a boss. Being a manager gives the person some supervisory rights since management is expected to exert some leadership to direct the institutional operations. Those rights, however, are limited by the Contract and other rules and regulations. The supervisor has the right to issue reasonable orders and directions if they conform to the rules.

If you, as a member, think that the principal has given an order that violates the Contract, carry out the order to the extent possible and necessary. At the same time, pursue those remedies available to you, namely grievance. Don’t just say, “No!” and refuse.

You are not insubordinate if you don’t carry out an order you feel could reasonably result in injury to physical health or safety.

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