TALB Update: Friday, May 20 2022

TALB Update: Friday, May 20, 2022

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Friday – May 20, 2022
Tentative Agreement Approved
On Wednesday, May 18 the LBUSD Board of Education approved the tentative agreements for CDC | HS and K-12. The disbursement date for the 4.5% increase in compensation, retro to July 1, 2021, has not been finalized. Payroll is working as fast as they can to accurately remunerate members. Once we get a date, we’ll let everyone know. The 2.5% off schedule raise is targeted for early September. This off schedule payment covers all earnings from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.
*Payroll Errors – We’ve received a few reports of members either being underpaid or overpaid. It is critical that you check to see you are being paid appropriately. Essentially there is a 3 year window. If you are underpaid, you are entitled to recover 3 years of compensation. If you overpaid, you will have to pay back up to 3 years. Article VI – Compensation A #3 Payroll Errors: Proper salary class and step placement is a joint responsibility of the employee and the District. All employees are encouraged to review their salary placement annually and should they believe that they are improperly placed on the salary schedule, they should immediately bring this information to the attention of the District. In the event that an incorrect salary placement results in an underpayment, the District will issue a warrant for approximately ninety (90) percent of the net underpayment from the revolving fund within ten (10) working days from the day the error has been verified and Payroll receives written notification. Full adjustment will be reflected in the employee’s next regular pay warrant. Should the incorrect salary placement result in an overpayment, the employee will reimburse the District the full amount of such overpayment on a repayment schedule developed by the District and the employee. In the event of an error favoring the employee or the District, the error shall be corrected retroactively for a period of up to three (3) years dating from the discovery of the error. “Discovery of the error” is defined as the date the District or the employee first receives written notification.

“May Revise” Budget for Education 2022-23
California Governor Gavin Newsom’s Budget Proposal for 2022-23 (May Revision). Please keep in mind, these proposals are subject to compromise and adjustment. The legislature will now start cranking up the sausage machine and will most likely get a budget in place before the constitutional deadline, June 15.
Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)
Governor Newsom proposes to increase LCFF funding for school districts and charter schools by $6.5 billion over 2021-22 levels.
• The proposed cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is 6.56% for 2022-23.
• LCFF Base Grant Augmentation – a $2.1 billion ongoing increase “to mitigate the impacts of rising pension obligations, increased costs for goods and services, and other ongoing local budget concerns.”

Average Daily Attendance
The May Revision proposes to amend the LCFF calculation for 2021-22 to allow all classroom-based LEAs to use the greater of current year ADA or current year enrollment adjusted for pre-COVID absence rates to address enrollment-related funding declines and to minimize a single-year drop in enrollment. In addition, the Administration has amended its proposal to allow LEAs to use the average of the three prior years’ ADA to conform with the 2021-22 proposed adjustment (modified use of enrollment).

State Pension Payments
• CalSTRS and CALPERS – The May Revision includes $11 billion for supplemental payments for the next four years to reduce state retirement liabilities. These contributions do not “buy down” employer contributions as has occurred the last several years. Therefore, the employer contribution rates for 2022-23 remain 19.1% for CalSTRS and 25.37% for PERS.

K-12 School Facilities
The May Revision proposes to allocate $1.4 billion Proposition 51 bond funds to support school construction projects as well as $2.2 billion one-time in 2022-23, $1.2 billion one-time in 2023-24, and $625 million one-time in 2024-25 to support new construction and modernization projects through the School Facility Program. The May Revision also includes $1.8 billion one-time to address outstanding school facility maintenance issues (deferred maintenance).

This is just a proposal, we’ll know more in a month. If you are interested in more details. (Click Here)

Elections Matter – District 1 | Nubia Flores

Nubia Flores, TALB’s endorsed candidate, is running for LBUSD Board of Education, District 1. On Saturday, June 4, we’ll be hosting a community walk at TALB. At 9:30, we’ll have coffee and donuts. After a brief pep talk we’ll fan out into District 1 to remind voters of the upcoming election on Tuesday, June 7 and TALB’s endorsed and recommended candidate Nubia Flores. Come back at 1:00 for hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages. If you would like to learn more about Nubia Flores – click here. Please RSVP to Veronica Castillo at vcastillo@talb.org

Retirement Celebration | Luau Unity Celebration – Details below:

Retirement Workshop – In-Person @ TALB
May 26, 2022 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. TALB will be hosting a retirement seminar. This in-person workshop is limited to 60 members. Please RSVP with Veronica Castillo at vcastillo@talb.org

Can’t make the seminar?
There are many things to consider when retiring. Your first step is CalSTRS. Go to calstrs.com and create an account. The website has different tools to give a ball park estimate on your pension benefits. For more accurate data you need to make a “one on one” with a CalSTRS counselor.

Individual Benefits Planning Session

Explore your CalSTRS benefits and services with the help of a CalSTRS benefits specialist in a confidential, one-on-one setting.

  • Your personalized CalSTRS benefit estimates.
  • Beneficiary options and how to leave a lifetime benefit to your loved ones.
  • How to purchase service credit and what happens to your unused sick leave.
  • Concurrent retirement—retiring from more than one California public retirement system.
  • Considerations pertaining to health benefits, Medicare and Social Security.

For available session dates and times, simply call 800-228-5453 and select option 3.

When should I let the District know I’m going to retire?
Ideally, as soon as possible. We know that making the decision to retire can be hard and very personal. Some folks want to retire and go quietly in the night, with little or no fanfare. Others want to shout their retirement from their rooftops and dance! You can submit your retirement paperwork electronically to the District and not have it be publicly disclosed until after school is out for the summer. This helps the District plan for your replacement, but more importantly, it may help one of your colleagues avoid the unnecessary anxiety and stress of potentially being displaced/transferred from your school site. 

Zoom | Virtual Site Visits
  • A Virtual Site Visit invitation will be sent to individual members. Check your personal email for Zoom invitations.
  • Twain E.S. Virtual Site Visit 5/23 | 4:00-5:00 p.m.
  • Wilson H.S. Virtual Site Visit 5/25 | 4:00-5:00 p.m.
  • Speech Language Pathologist Virtual Forum 6/2 | 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Beer Club
Friday, May 27 @ 4:00 p.m.
Syncopated Brewing
3671 Industry Ave unit C1, Lakewood, CA 90712
RSVP with John Solomon at jsolomon@talb.org

Next BOE Meeting is Wednesday, June 1.  School board meetings are typically livestreamed on the LBUSD YouTube Channel.

2022 Upcoming Scheduled Meetings:

  • June 1
  • June 22

LBUSD Board & Exec Staff Contact Info

TALB Representative Elections

It is now time for school sites to elect their TALB Association Representative. The “Site Rep” is the most important position in TALB. These incredible volunteers make TALB work. They attend monthly TALB Representative Council meetings to represent the interests of TALB members at their school site. They vote to make policy and chart the direction for TALB. They are the direct conduit for important information and updates.
Get involved, make a difference, serve your colleagues…run to be a TALB Site Association Representative.
Interested? Contact Veronica Castillo at vcastillo@talb.org

Update your Beneficiaries
The cycle of life. Every year we have a few members pass. Your TALB/CTA/NEA membership provides a survivor’s benefit up to $6,000.00. Sadly, every now and again, we have a member pass who did not update their beneficiaries. We can only issue the benefit to the individual(s) listed on your survivor’s benefit form. Life comes at you fast. Relationships change. If you have any questions about your survivor’s benefit please call the office at 562-426-6433.

CTA Conferences & Grants
For full details and to apply for a grant, go to www.CTA.org/grants.