EASE Can Help During Difficult Times

Let’s face it, this is a time unlike any other that most of us have faced.  If you are struggling with family troubles, emotional distress, job stress, anxiety, drug/alcohol use, grief, loss, life transition issues and more reach out to EASE.

Professional counselors are ready to help at no cost to you.  Call the EASE Hotline 24/7 for assistance at 800-882-1341

All TALB members are eligible to reach out to EASE for free confidential professional help for district employees and family members.

A little known benefit we have as educational employees in Los Angeles County is the Employee Assistance Service for Education program. EASE is a leading regional service that provides district staff and their families with the opportunity to assess and resolve their difficulties with the assistance of a professional counselor through an assessment and brief counseling service. EASE offers high quality, confidential assistance in:

  • Personal and family problems
  • Job-related issues
  • Stress
  • Substance abuse
  • Grief, loss and traumatic incidents
  • Worksite and phone consultations
All calls and consultations with EASE are confidential and will not be reported to the district, your school, or the Association. There is no reason to suffer in silence. If you feel you need assistance, please take advantage of this very important benefit by calling (800) 882-1341. A confidential counselor will be available to take your call.  More information is available on-line at https://www.lacoe.edu/Home/EASE