New! COVID-19 Hotline – (562) 204-6075

On Monday, November 16th a COVID-19 hotline will be active. Cathy Coy, Long Beach Unified School District’s Emergency Preparedness Program Manager will be monitoring the hotline. Compliance to COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols are not negotiable, they are to be followed religiously.

If you are aware of safety and sanitation procedures that are not being followed please call Cathy Coy at 562-204-6075.

If you see individuals disregarding mandatory health and safety measures please call Cathy Coy at 562-204-6075.

If you are fearful of retaliation, please call the TALB office at 562-426-6433 and we will convey the information to Cathy Coy.

Compliance to simple safety protocols will reduce the overall infection rates in our communities, allowing for schools to fully reopen. The current trajectory of infection rate casts many doubts on whether our schools will fully reopen.

Everyone has a responsibility to do their part.