Limited Time Offer: CTA Introductory Disability Insurance at No Cost for Newly-Hired CTA /TALB Members

There’s good news about a recent enhancement to the CTA Voluntary Disability Plan for members that has enhanced the value of CTA/TALB membership for newly-hired educators.

We are proud to announce that CTA now provides newly-hired educators with 9 months of CTA Introductory Disability insurance from The Standard, at no cost, when they join CTA for the first time within 90 days of their first day of work.1

This enhancement will help our newest CTA/TALB members protect their incomes, at no cost to them, if they are unable to work due to a covered illness, injury, pregnancy, or childbirth.

Members will also have the opportunity to convert their CTA Introductory Disability insurance plan to the CTA-endorsed Voluntary Disability insurance plan without having to answer health questions, as long as they do so before the CTA Introductory Disability insurance period ends (before their 270th day of work). New members will need to contact The Standard to arrange to continue their coverage near the end or before the end of their 9-month Introductory period or to file a claim, although they can always call The Standard with any other questions they have.

While educators transferring districts are not eligible for this offer, they do still have an opportunity to enroll in CTA-endorsed Voluntary Disability Insurance without answering health questions if they apply within their first 270 days of work.

More Resources

  • The Standard’s Benefit Consultants are available to answer questions or conduct live training sessions.
    Contact information for The Standard rep for your area can be found on The Standard’s Chapter Leader Resource Center

CTA Member Benefits is also available to help you. You may contact the department by phone at 650-552-5200 or by email at


1 CTA Introductory Disability insurance available to eligible new educators starting work on or after 7/1/2020 who become CTA members for the first time within 90 days of their first day of work. Disability insurance eligibility requirements apply.