COVID-19 Update on Scammers

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder to: Stay informed. Stay Vigilant.

With the focus shifting to health concerns and remote work, it is important to remember to maintain your people processes. Hackers and scam artists are trying to exploit this work force disruption. We are continuing to see malicious phone calls and emails trying to separate you from your money. We want to remind you to be suspicious and to double-check the source of information. If you receive a phone call, call the person back using a known call-back number. If you receive an email, verify that it is legitimate using a known call back number.

Look for these scam warning signs:

  • We noticed suspicious activity
  • There’s a problem with your account
  • Need to confirm personal information
  • Fake Invoice (attached)
  • Make a payment (by clicking this link)
  • Sense of urgency (don’t think, act now)
  • Unable to speak on the phone (I’m in a meeting, just do it now)