TALB Bargaining Update for February, 2020


The TALB/LBUSD bargaining teams met on Thursday, January 30th, 2020. A long discussion was held on “All Day K”. While the name implies that students will be in Kindergarten all day, this is truly a misnomer. The model is more like our extended day Kindergarten program. The schedule is really an “All Day K” for parents, as the schedule would require schools to have childcare before and after school.  The devil is in the details. How would childcare work and e accessible to families through the District? At this time there is no agreement to change Kindergarten.

Forums to discuss the most recent District Forum on “All Day K” will be held at TALB on Wednesday, 2/26 from 4-5pm and Thursday, 2/27 from 4-5pm.


Transfers have been a major sticking point in negotiations for decades. The number of specialized postings along with administrators gaming the transfer process has led to fewer choices for our members, particularly those that are displaced on an annual basis.  The District has found a new catchphrase “All Means ALL.”  In that spirit, ALL teachers should have the right to an open transparent transfer process.


The District, per usual, is crying poor.  While there is no dispute that declining enrollment is a factor, like any budget, some programs seem to be protected year after year. Case in point, then the District was asked if they were appropriately managing position control, the response was they had calculated eliminating Certificated & Classified positions, however when asked about how many Administrator jobs were on the chopping block, the only thing heard was crickets. The next scheduled negotiations meeting is Friday, February 14th.