2020 Changes for School Climate and Admin Surveys

This year we will be “mixing it up” with our School Climate & Administrative Surveys….

The School Climate portion of the survey will remain the same and be disseminated on January 6th – January 31st. This year we are teaming up with the District to create a new Administrative Survey. Our goal is to have this survey in place and ready for sites at the end of April or early May. Details will be forthcoming in future Updates.

Why take the School Climate & Administrative Survey? The results collected are shared with the Superintendent, Christopher Steinhauser as well as the leveled Assistant Superintendents. We use this data to highlight schools where management is effectively leading or lacking. In addition, the survey results help members who are displaced or who are interested in a transfer.

The school climate survey will be conducted online via Simply Voting. The survey will be emailed to your personal email address. If you would like to take the school climate, please send your personal email address to ingrid@talb.org.

If you plan, you might be able to coordinate with your colleagues to complete the surveys together in a computer lab. Please work with your site administrators to conduct this important survey.