TALB & LBUSD Bargaining Begins October 3

TALB & LBUSD Bargaining teams are scheduled to convene for negotiations on Thursday, October 3rd at the District Central Offices. We will be negotiating the articles of the contract related to Compensation, Days & Hours of Employment, Transfers, and Association Rights.

As we look at the horizon, there are several factors, which could make this negotiation a challenge, with the largest factors being increased health care costs and declining enrollment.

TALB understands that Health Benefits are “the 3rd rail” in this district. We have worked very hard the last 7 years to contain costs and forego a monthly premium copay. There is not much “road” left to “kick the can down the road”. Containing health care costs for all plans is a priority as costs for all plans continue to outpace the district contribution of 3.5% per year. Ultimately, the question of shifting costs to plan utilizers or plan members may become front and center.

Even as healthcare costs increase, the district continues to lose revenue as overall student enrollment decreases approximately 2000 students per year. Fortunately, the district has built up a healthy reserve. Ultimately, negotiations are about priorities. Please keep in touch with your site representatives, as this may be a difficult bargain.