TALB Bargaining Update for January, 2018

On January 11th, the District and TALB Negotiation teams met.  Proposals were exchanged on Article VII Leaves of Absence, K-12 Appendix F and CDC/Head Start Appendix E, Article VIII Transfers, Article V Days and Hours of Employment, Article XVIII Terms of Agreement and Appendix B.

A District financial report will be presented at our next meeting on February 1, 2018.

TALB Bargaining Team Members are:

  • Corrin Hickey, Lakewood HS, Bargaining Chair
  • Chris Kelly, MacArthur ES
  • Kevin Quinn, Edison ES
  • Marc Ennen, Newcomb K-8
  • Maritza Summers, Mann ES
  • Gerry Morrison, McBride HS
  • Donna Gerren, Roosevelt ES and Herrera ES
  • Sybil Baldwin, CDC
  • Maria Garcia, Head Start